About Enrique’s

Originally Enrique’s was intended to be a short-term pop-up, but it stuck around because people responded to its unusual offering. The drinks are largely centred around gin here. There’re 15 standard bottles to choose from, which can be matched with five different tonics or 15 garnishes. For real fanatics, an extra page is devoted to limited-edition gins from the UK and beyond.

Other than this, you can have a spritzer, beer, sherry, sangria or lighter varieties of wine such as grenache, pinot noir and the Sicilian grillo. Cocktails include a Burnt Butter Old Fashioned with beurre noisette, salted caramel, chocolate and booze, or the self-explanatory Cold Drip Negroni at our restaurant.

Most plates are shared here, such as char-grilled octopus with paprika potato and hand-pounded pesto; or Squid Sliders comprised of crispy squid, creamed corn and jalapeño and cos ‘slaw. Things get a little more intense with chef Navarre Top’s beef ribs braised in barbeque sauce and arroz negro (black rice, jamon, squid, chilli, garlic).

Although, there are few things more serious to a Latino than 24-month-aged Iberico de Bellota, sliced with all the skill of the matador’s swooping cape.