Enrique’s School for Bullfighting

About Liquor Serving License and Regulations in Australia

At Enrique’s we follow all the serving of alcohol and restaurant license laws in Australia. To serve alcohol in Australia, you require the RSA (Responsible Service Of Alcohol) certificate which you can get with the help of Aries Lawyers or any other lawyer.

In a licensed restaurant premises, for serving food and drinks together, the stakes are much high as it involves consumers health. Enrique’s School for to Bullfighting supports responsible service of alcohol. Under the Liquor Control Act 1988, it is an offence to sell or supply liquor to a person below the drinking age in Australia of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or attempt to purchase liquor on a licensed or regulated premise.

Along with this, we encourage to maintain other restaurant laws and regulations on serving liquor where in, we do not over serve, maintain orderly conduct, sell at authorized times only, do not allow drinking in the alcohol restricted areas Australia like the food preparation area, storage area, stairs, as well as in hallway and have maintained well-trained staff to serve food as well as liquor to our customers.

The Liquor Control Act 1988 covers every aspect of laws for all the specific matters involved in relation to licensing and regulation of liquor, which ranges from prescribing license fees and application requirements to restaurant management rules and regulations to be followed to every drinking laws Australia permits.

Enrique’s, a restaurant that serves liquor, had to have a restaurant license wherein we can serve food as our main business and we can also serve liquor to our valuable customers. This setup can be carried out mainly with professional help. For us, our business lawyers at The Beaufort Merchant, completely took care of it. Hiring business lawyers for our firm had such a massive advantage in carrying out business activities easily!